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Fiji’s renowned culture of hospitality and resourcefulness delivers exceptional value for investors. There are many examples of commercial success resulting from investment ventures by international partners. Fiji offers a compelling investment proposition and has a stable political environment that encourages economic growth and development. Continued investment in infrastructure, education and training have implications not only for the attractiveness of Fiji as a location to investors, but also for the quality of inward investment. Investment Fiji is witnessing a growing interest from large multinationals.

Economic stability is essential for attracting significant inward investment; with Fiji having both low levels of inflation and positive GDP growth since 2010. There has been a sharp rise in confidence  of the domestic private sector and foreign investors with new bank lending for investment purposes rising consistently. Fiji is also the regions foremost trading hub with excellent shipping routes across the Pacific Islands. Fiji has spent a total of $11 billion worth of road infrastructure and 1,200 bridges, 47 jetties, 5 commercial ports, 25 local and 2 international airports.

Fiji has a business friendly tax structure that supports innovation and investment with 20% corporate tax and a lower rate of 10% for companies listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. The Fijian Government has announced a number of incentives and pro-growth policies to attract investments and encourage economic growth that is stable and sustainable. Government plans to increase per capita income by fourfold over the next 20 years.

The continuous enhancement of infrastructure, growth of our tourism industry, advantages of a young population, a first class English-speaking workforce, natural flair of services, conducive business environment and low entry costs are key ingredients of Fiji’s continued success.


Investment Fiji was established as the Economic Development Board (EDB) in 1980 and is guided by the Foreign Investment Act. A statutory organization, Investment Fiji operates independently as the marketing arm of the Fiji Government, providing services and assistance to promote, and stimulate investments and exports. As such, Investment Fiji carries out three primary roles, Investment Promotion, Investment Facilitation and Export Promotion.

The Investment team provides in depth market intelligence, identifies potential investment projects and assists investors and delegations by arranging suitable meetings and introductions – in addition to promoting Trade and Investment opportunities overseas.

The purpose of the Investment Facilitation team is to provide post-establishment after-care facilitation services enabling and assisting both foreign and local Investors in establishing their business and providing information, support and assistance during the growth phases – and through to developmental support to retain investment, encourage follow-on investment and achieve greater economic impact.

The purpose of our Trade and Export team is to increase exports in general, but particularly of entities, whose products and services add value, allow for import substitution and contribute to mployment.

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